Arabian Weddings are more royal than royal weddings, which causes fun and stress at the same time. In order to narrow the ideas’ rush, here is a simple guideline just to bring you back on track after a small detour to dreamland on every checkpoint. First things first, check out the entertainment for you wedding hehe no we come later, but first remember to set a theme for your wedding in order to know where to search and so that every decision will be based on whether it suits your theme or not. Because if you search a lot you will get confused when taking your final decision and if you don’t search enough you will miss out on new ideas. That way, every detail will fit and it will not just be a simple mix of everything.

1- Reserve your Venue, they are the fastest places to be booked. Once you settled on a venue you can spread the wedding date. According to your theme you can decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor venue, a classic garden or a traditional Lebanese restaurant, a place on the beach. If you want to benefit as much as you can from friends and family and stay up as much as you can then just reserve in a Hotel, that way the room will not be far away to rest.

2- Reserve the Catering. Usually now all venues comes with their own Food, Hostesses, Sound, Light, DJ,Volcano and Dry ice. If not these are the things to add to your list. But most importantly, be very strict when it comes to food. We all know we all love to eat, and most wedding feedbacks are comments over food.

3- Reserve the Photographer. What will stick of this memorable day are good memories and “The Pics and Video”. Be very careful to watch the photographer’s wedding shots in order to trust him/her to deliver you the wedding video of your life time. After all you can’t repeat it twice. Either you will get an ordinary montage or an out of this world day.

4- Reserve the Entertainment/Zaffe. According to your theme, set the Zaffe type, whether it is arabic, or parade and shows or a mix. But keep in mind simplicity is the beauty- la simplicite fait la beaute- so the timings of each show and the relevance one to an other is key for the wedding to turn out classy and not noisy. Of course we can recommend our selves as a full entertainment package and for full details please contact us on 0410 123 123. But whether it is us or other please do insist to see an appealing show and programs and not just “a have to” zaffe entrance for the bride and groom, because even guests are getting used to the zaffe routine and are not seeing a WOW factor anymore.

5- Reserve the Floweriest. The difference between a floweriest and another is first, the quality of the flowers, and how long will they stay fresh, the creativity of the floweriest in order to came up with a set that suits your theme and to elevate and walk you to heaven.

6- Reserve the Chocolate and extras. Taste the chocolate cause people like me do eat them and keep the designs. And just make sure the colors corresponds to the wedding colors already decided with the floweriest and also keep the design simple and reveals the theme.

7- Reserve the Wedding Cards. Don’t turn to a bridezella over the quality of the paper, the shades, the colors, the design and other. Of course they are very important factors but still, you can get overwhelmed with small details that will raise the budget and have the same effect. Trust the designs you see, its the perfect tip, if you see a card that speaks to you it means you have found your one. Don’t invent, just search existing ones, there are plenty great looking cards that will dazzle you.

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